I worked at AllTrips with a lovely team of coworkers for six and a half years and wore many hats. Among other things, I was charged with rebranding the company, building a weather reporting system, designing a packages management tool and display (pictured above), and bringing the overall AllTrips network into a more content focused and user-friendly experience.

The Sites


Jacksonholenet is just an example of one of the forty-plus websites I managed while with AllTrips.

  • Design is mobile friendly
  • Fun, bold accessible color scheme
  • Easy to navigate


Example Persona

We had the chance to dive into user personas and conduct user research both with the vendors and the visitors to the site. It was fun to learn about the diverse folks who depend on the AllTrips network and create their character representations.


AT Infographic

Another result of our user research was a series of infographics that were a great tangible way to unite the AllTrips team around the company goals and embrace all the challenges we were trying to solve.


AT facebook

The branding design/layout for the AllTrips facebook page